Visit to The National Army Museum

19th October 2017

The National Army Museum is the British Army’s central museum. It is located in the Chelsea district of Central London, adjacent to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the home of the “Chelsea Pensioners”.

Twenty-five Year 7 students enjoyed the walk past this beautiful building in the crisp Autumn sunshine accompanied by Mr Barragan, Miss Jones and Miss Mcleod.

There were so many exciting things to do. The students climbed aboard an interactive tank to experience life as a tank crew in Normandy during the Second World War and crawled through a tunnel below another tank. They got the chance to get behind the wheel, act as look-out from the turret, and even man the guns.

At the start of the Soldier Gallery, students learnt to look sharp, stand straight and see if they’ve got what it takes to impress the museum’s virtual drill sergeant. They had to march in time and fall in for some army-style training to see if they could be as disciplined as a serving soldier.

Students learnt to test their leadership skills with the museum’s interactive strategy table. They had to choose a mission and lead their battle group to victory. Have you got what it takes to make big decisions under pressure?

L. Mcleod

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