On Friday, 10th February, Dan from The Royal Institute of Science gave an interactive session on food and nutrition and its potential to improve an athlete’s performance. He showed Quest students how food is essential to our survival and how our bodies process it.

Students who had shown great aptitude in maths, science and PE were then given a project on which they would need to share skills and collaborate.

A workshop was given to parents and teachers on how they can best support students in the project.

The Students’ Brief

The main aim of the challenge set was to provide further learning opportunities to guide students into developing independence, enable them to work with students in other disciplines who have already demonstrated exceptional ability in that subject and entice them into activities what are worthy of their very serious attention.

Mission: Consult with and support our best athletes by providing them with an exercise and nutrition programme to enhance their performance.

Students consulted with each other and, where necessary, their teacher, regarding how to prepare and research. Fitness logs, diaries of performance and nutrition will all feature as part of this work.