CCF Summer Camp 2019

If there is one thing we have not lacked since we established our Combined Cadet Force, it is confidence in our students; belief in their ability as potential cadets and leaders, belief in their potential and the conviction that  the activities in which they are involved  will lead them to future success in whatever they choose to do. Our Quest summer camp was one of these activities.

All participants performed well this summer in the Surrey Hills, spending energy on activities for a variety of fieldcraft, navigation, problem solving and leadership tasks. 

Every participant, including students with no experience, pre cadets, cadets, lance corporal and sergeant, committed themselves diligently and with full commitment to every challenge. This suggests that they will push themselves all the way in future exercises.

Yet, in the third week of August, they were challenged at every level to work with more confidence, more skill and more cohesive teamwork. More cadets were given responsibility in leadership roles and the result: completion of their mission discharged in a fashion that looked far better organised, had detailed appropriate planning and has prepared them for future challenges.

Congratulations to all participants and especially to Ryan Donnelly for his outstanding performance in paintballing!

Lt Mcleod