On Academy day, Year 12s were taken off to explore the University of Cambridge in order to catch a glimpse at the potential next stage of their academic journey. The students were wowed by the amazing architecture – yes, it is just like Hogwarts – as well as learning about what the day-to-day life is like at University.

Taken around in small groups, the students explored both the academic and personal sides of the university. From Theology to History, Pembroke to Clare they were treated to a wide array of subjects and colleges which house students.

In the afternoon, students had a Q & A session with current undergraduates and asked great questions such as, “How do I actually pay for university?” and “Do you get to have fun?” Students came away from the experience extremely positive: they learnt lots about the transition to university and got some great tips of how to make the most out of their time in 6th Form.

Fingers crossed they can act as tour guides for us in the next couple of years!

Mr M Cotton