On Wednesday 21st January several leaders of local businesses visited the Quest Academy to meet with members of staff to discuss ways they could support students at the Academy. We were delighted to welcome:

Paul Drechsler, Chair of Business in the Community’s Education Leadership Team
Phil Miles, Director of Community Investment and Regeneration, Affinity Sutton Group
Dawn Larkin, Executive Director, Technology Division, Goldman Sachs
Piotr Serafin, Sustainability Specialist, Ikea
Julie Dennis, Head of Diversity, Land Registry
Paul Nehra, Community Investment Manager, L&Q Group
Anita Hunt, Director, Marketing Focus Consulting Ltd
Janine Jasper, Regional Community Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine
John Dye, Director, TPS Consult
Susie Perrett, Education Campaign Director, Business in the Community
Sinead Lawler, Senior Education Manager London, Business in the Community
Mike Toy, Communications Manager South, Business in the Community
Paula Ballesteros, Events & Communications Co-ordinator South, Business in the Community

We discussed employability skills and a range of ways we can support students when applying to colleges, universities and jobs. We are confident we can provide a series of presentations, small workshops and one-to-one interviews for students.

Simon Trehearn