The theme for this year’s British Science Week was “Connections”.

Our year 7 and 8 students made models of different organ systems to show connections in the body with some of the best models showcased at our Science Fair.

The winners for this year’s year 7 competition were Faith (7.5) and Josh (7.5) for their realistic model of the muscular system. In year 8, the winners were Lily (8.1), Rosie (8.2), Chloe (8.3) and Weronika (8.2) for their innovative model of the circulatory system.

A special mention also goes out to Emily (7.1) and Daisy (7.2) for having an interactive model of the digestive system.

Year 9 students took part in various practical activities during the week such as the eye and brain dissections. They also had the opportunity to extract DNA from a strawberry and learnt about polymers.