At 9.15 am on Tuesday 8th March, 30 year 9 Quest Academy pupils accompanied by six members of staff headed off down Conker Alley, their final destination, the British Museum. Under the accomplished leadership of Mrs Dalaris the whole trip went off without a hitch.

The Journey to the museum took almost 2 hours and involved tram, train and underground journeys. The pupils were excellently behaved and accepted the laborious journey with good humour. There was plenty of “banter” but it was all good humoured and the group remained calm and relaxed throughout.

Once at the museum, there were only 1½ hours to take in a place with over a million exhibits spread through more than a 100 rooms. Pupils experienced seeing a 5,500 year old mummy from ancient Egypt. There were many mummies to view. All pupils were surprised to hear that they were all “real” people, not models. The Rosetta stone was viewed if not totally appreciated and many of the pupils got into the search for “12 artefacts in the British Museum.” I believe 4 or 5 pupils managed to find all 12 in an hour and a half.

Before travelling back to the academy we stopped at the park in Russell Square to have our lunch. After lunch we embarked on our journey back to the Academy before bidding farewell to our group at East Croydon station. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and for once we did not hear the phrase “This is boring” once.

Mr W van Heyningen