On Saturday 20th September, four Year 13 students attended a graduation ceremony at King’s College London in recognition of their outstanding work on The Brilliant Club programme.

Throughout last summer term, Janine Harrison, Marcel Pietrowski, Tracy Asafo-Adjei, Safia Thakur and Warda Hassan attended research seminars led by PhD students from some of London’s top universities, culminating in the submission of a 2,500 word essay. The topics covered included: “Searching for Habitable Worlds in our Solar System and Beyond”, and “Victorian Investigators in Fact and Faction”.

All students who attended the graduation ceremony not only passed the programme, but also received Distinction certificates for their commitment and hard work.

At the graduation event, students got to meet with current students and admission tutors from King’s College London, who gave them an invaluable insight into the challenges and enjoyment of further study at university.