On Wednesday 17th October, 50 Year 7 students set off on a slightly overcast yet pleasant day to visit the historic World War Two light-cruiser HMS Belfast. Moored in the shadow of the imposing Tower Bridge and directly opposite the Tower of London, the floating museum offers an immersive and interactive insight into Britain’s maritime past.

Having seen service on Arctic convoys for the relief of the Soviet Union in 1943, played a supporting role in the D-Day landings of 1944, and becoming instrumental as a flagship for the fleet during the Korean War, HMS Belfast certainly has a lot of fascinating history to reveal.

Across the 9 decks students were able to get to grips with the captain’s chair, look at the impressive 6 inch armaments capable in their day of sending a 50kg shell 15 miles (far enough to hit the school from London, as some were quick to point out!), and fully understand daily life on this piece of living history.

Students fully enjoyed their day, in spite of the weather, and a good time was had by all. I am sure all are looking forward to their next academy day outing.

Mr A Boundy