This term, after undertaking their initial reading tests, students in years seven to ten selected new reading books from the school library at their recommended reading level and are now involved in a rigorous reading programme that will accelerate their literacy progress and have a significant impact on their academic progress throughout the whole school.

Students’ progression will be monitored through the star quizzes that they undertake after completing their book.  We are able to evaluate progress and to provide reward where appropriate.

In support of the scheme, a significant investment has been made in our library and students have many more exciting books to choose from.

  • Hafsa Raja loves ‘Indigo Blue’ and is now ready to move up to the highest level.
  • Michael Reapy is reading ‘The Amulet of Samarkhand’, which he finds very well written and he feels that the author has succeeded in gripping his readership.
  • Phoebe Moor has read eight chapters of, ‘Spindles Edge,’ and particularly enjoys its descriptive passages.

We are very excited about this new programme which has given our pupils many new and exciting challenges with their reading.

L. Mcleod