In a recent departure from trips to the museum or London Zoo, the Year 9 and 10 Academy Day trip on Thursday 16th June went to Thorpe Park.

Excitement and expectation was at an all-time high before departure as 90 pupils streamed on to two coaches and eagerly awaited departure. Spirits were high as we progressed on our journey, the heavy rainfall we experienced as we drove onto the M25 was barely noticed and there was a collective silence and then cheers as the roller coasters of Thorpe Park came into view as the coaches thundered into the car park.

After a slight delay, we rushed through the gates and descended on every section of the park. Smiles and screams abounded as people experienced Swarm and Stealth, not to mention Nemesis Inferno and Saw, the ride.

This teacher experienced first-hand the volume of screams generated by 15 Year 9 pupils on Nemesis Inferno. Of course some pupils (and teachers) enjoyed the more leisurely rides. I understand the Tea Cups were popular among one or two members of staff who decided against going on some of the more “white knuckle” rides.

After lunch, the heavens opened! Did this dampen the indomitable Quest Spirit? Of course it didn’t! By the time we had to leave there was a multitude of soggy but happy pupils. One exceptionally moist pupil said she had been on every ride; a decent accomplishment considering we were only there for four and a half hours.

Behaviour was exceptionally good, spirits remained high and enjoyment levels remained higher than the highest roller coaster. Even the trip home was enjoyable as many pupils sang their way through the hour-long journey. When we arrived back at Quest the amount of “thank yous” said to staff was astounding.

Mr W van Heyningen