Both staff and students have returned from Chessington saying it was probably the best trip they had ever been on! I do not think it would be a stretch to say that every single person had a wonderful day.

Thankfully, the weather stayed bright and warm for the whole day and we managed to avoid any big downpours or thunder, despite predictions. When we arrived at 10am, the theme park was virtually deserted and the queues for the rides were so small (we probably have the bad forecast to thank for that). Less time spent in queues meant more time on rides! The most talked about rides were Vampire and Dragons Fury, with some of the students going on Dragons Fury three or four times (I don’t know how they did it – once was enough to make me feel queasy).

The staff and students met back up at lunch time for a quick update and to grab some food. Every student was beaming from ear to ear and they were all keen to jet back off on more rides. Many students ventured down to the zoo part of the theme park to go on the safari ride and really enjoyed seeing the Rhinos and Giraffes so close up.

After a fun-filled day we got back on the coach at 4pm to head back to Quest. All the students had a huge smile on their face, a belly full of sweets and some great memories to come home with. A day that I would recommend over and over again!

D Foster