Fifty students from Years 7-10 had a thoroughly enjoyable time Ice Skating in Streatham on Academy Day.

As we arrived at the rink, the air was filled with sounds of encouragement, laughter and, above all, the screams of Miss Haughton-Nicolls as she attempted to prevent herself from falling.

Many students showed great skill and speed on the ice. Have we found the next Torvill and Dean? Sophie Baker-Sanders and Erin Eastmond certainly showed superb finesse whilst Kassius Stewart-Harris (after an early fall) provided some excellent moves.

Special shout outs must also go to the first time skaters who not only braved the ice but took to it like a duck to (frozen) water. Nathan Alexander was a particular trooper – although taking a couple of early tumbles, he pushed through to show fantastic skills on the ice.

A fantastic trip enjoyed by all – students were fantastic ambassadors for the school and unearthed new talents that impressed their peers and their fellow skaters!

Mr M Cotton