During October’s Academy Day, all Year 12 students enjoyed the unique and eye-opening opportunity to visit the country’s top university – Cambridge. During the day, students were offered bespoke insights into the work of departments and colleges. Whether it was visiting the lecture halls of the Law Faculty, the bookshelves of one of the rare copyright libraries in the country, or the grounds of St John’s College, students gained a first-hand look into the learning opportunities that would be afforded to them through University study.

After lunchtime spent basking in the sunshine of the Market Square and the Senate House, students spent the afternoon at Trinity Hall.  During a thought-provoking session with current undergraduates, we were given the opportunity to ask questions about, amongst other topics, the challenges of Sixth Form study, how best to prepare for the university application process, and what the life of a university student involves.  It was an insightful session that challenged the stereotypes of what life is like at Oxbridge, emboldening students to achieve the top grades and consider applying to some of the most competitive post-18 courses in the world.

On the coach journey home, students were energised and inspired by their discoveries, keen to get back into their lessons to put their experiences and insights into practice. A huge thank you to Dr Knox, Mrs Joomun, Mr Cotton and Mr German who supported students during the day.

B Russell