K+ is a two-year programme of events, activities and academic workshops created to help support university application and provide the skills needed to reach potential as an undergraduate student. Year 12 student, Ibtissam Adem, took part in January. He says,

“Being part of the K+ programme has offered me a number of valuable opportunities, such as accessing every King’s College London Library. On the 25th January I visited Kings College London Guys Campus where we received an informative lecture about Physics and Biology by a Doctor who has a PhD in Biophysics. I came to realise how interdisciplinary all the sciences are.

Following this, we engaged in a Chemistry Lab session, during which we learnt how to make Slime in a very advanced and professional laboratory. We then found out what happens when acid and a base is added to slime and importantly what the science behind it is. The practical aspect of a science based degree is vital.

It was a very successful day where I experienced the different teaching styles at university which gives me an idea of what it will be like.”