Larry Hammer, Year 11 student at The Quest Academy has exceeded all expectations by achieving 4 A*s and 9 As at GCSEs. He is followed closely by colleague Nadiya Mohamud, who gained 3 A*s and 7 As.

Larry says, “I came to Quest from Germany and didn’t even know how to speak English. We came here because my parents think that universities here are better. I’m going to stay at Quest for A Levels and am hoping to get good enough results to go to Cambridge or another top university. I’ll be doing Sciences, Maths and History too because I want to be a Doctor. All my teachers have been great, but I’d especially like to thank Miss Houghton (English), Mr Russell (History) and Mr Treadwell (Science).”

Nadiya says, “I got all A*s and As! I can’t believe it! I’m really happy with French. After the exam, I thought I’d get a C or D! And then I opened it and saw I got an A*! I want to thank Miss Houghton most for English and Communications & Culture. She was my favourite teacher in Quest! I’m going to stay here for A Levels: Maths, Biology, Chemistry and History. I’m not sure yet what I want to do after that. I definitely want to go to university, but I don’t know what I want to study yet.”

Katie Houghton, Larry’s and Nadiya’s English teacher says, “Their results are testament to their work ethic. They have both worked tremendously hard. Throughout the year, they have taken any knockback as an incentive to work even harder. They really deserve these excellent results. I’m incredibly proud of them.”

Overall, students at The Quest Academy have achieved excellent results in a number of subjects, with many achieving a 100% A*-C pass rate including Economics, Health & Social Care and four separate languages. 92% of students who took the challenging Triple Science GCSE gained A*-C. 84% of those taking Core Science scored A*-C. In English, 75% of students achieved A*-C, well above the national average.

Principal Andy Crofts, said, “I am pleased with our results in many subjects, particularly in English and Science. I am a little disappointed with our Maths results, which while creditable at 58% A*-C were not as high as we had expected. My staff and I will be analysing these results carefully to see how we can improve our performance in this area next year. ”

This cohort of students will be the first to undertake their Sixth Form education in the brand new £16 million Academy building, which is in its final stages of construction and will be ready for the start of term in September. Sixth Form provision in the new building includes nine dedicated seminar style classrooms, a common room with study facilities, a dedicated Sixth Form library and social facilities including a Sixth Form kitchen.