Students at The Quest Academy – Coloma Trust, in Selsdon, have achieved 58% A*-Cs in their GCSEs. The Government’s new success measure, the “Progress 8 (P8) Score” measures Quest’s success at 0.16, demonstrating that students at The Quest Academy have, on average, achieved over 1/10 of a grade more progress, per subject, than the national average. Progress figures for English (0.20) and Maths (0.39) are also particularly impressive and above 0.00 (which represents the national average).

Several students deserve a special mention:

Lucy Vidal Barrios achieved 2 A*s, 6 As and 2Bs. Parth Patel, achieved 1 A*, 5 As and 4 Bs. Kajay Shanmugavel achieved 5 As, 4 Bs and a C. Daniel Rodney achieved 5 As, 3 Bs and 2 Cs.

Daniel said, “I’m really happy with my results and I’m thankful for all the hard work the teachers have put in to get me here.”

Kajay said, “I’d like to thank my teachers for being supportive over the past few months during the exam period and I’m pleased with my results.”

In addition to these tremendous individual successes, students at the Quest Academy achieved 100% A*-C grades in Chemistry, 100% Level 2 Distinction* to Pass in BTEC Science (equivalent to GCSE A*-C) and 92.3% A*-C grades in French.

Principal Andy Crofts, said, “We are delighted that the government’s new performance measure ‘Progress 8’ shows that students at Quest make on average a third of a grade more progress, per subject than the national average. It’s also great to see that overall 58% of this year’s students achieved five or more A*-C grades across all subjects – well done to the students, their parents and our staff.”

Mrs Martin, Quest’s Executive Principal and Headteacher at Coloma Convent Girls’ School, said, “With the support of the leadership team and all the staff at the Academy, students at The Quest Academy have performed really well. We wish them every success in their future choices, and really look forward to continuing our work with the many students who are going on to study for A-Levels at Quest6.”