A number of students at The Quest Academy have exceeded all expectations by achieving strings of A*s and As at GCSE.

Tara Nelson, who is also a talented pianist, achieved 8 A*s, 2As at GCSE, a B in AS Maths and a Distinction at Level 2 BTEC. Natalia Rojas achieved 3 A*s, 5As and 3Bs whilst Mohamed Mohamud achieved 3 A*s, 4As and 3Bs and Ayesha Shah achieved 3 A*s, 4As, 4Bs and a Distinction.

Tara said, “I’m really happy with all my results and I’d like to thank all my teachers for supporting me and being willing to put in the extra work to help me achieve all of them.”

Natalia said, “I’m really happy with my A*s and As. A really big thank you to both Miss Thomas (French) and Miss Owen (RS & Citizenship) for supporting me as much as they did throughout their time as my teachers.”

Mohamed said, “I’m ecstatic. We all can achieve well at The Quest if you apply yourself and are resilient throughout the course. Thanks to all the teachers. They all had their part to play in helping me achieve well.”

Ayesha said, “I never thought I’d do as well as I did. I feel really confident now about my future.”

In addition to these tremendous individual successes, students at the Quest Academy achieved 100% A*-C grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Further Additional Science and every student who took the challenging Triple Science GCSE gained a grade A*-C.

Principal Andy Crofts, said, “I am pleased with our results in many subjects, particularly in Science. Students have worked incredibly hard and should be proud of their achievements.”

Mrs Martin, Quest’s Executive Principal and Headteacher at Coloma Convent Girls’ School, said, “With the support of the leadership team and all the staff at the Academy, students at The Quest Academy have had the chance to do really well. We wish them every success in their future choices, and really look forward to continuing our work with all those who are going on to study for A-Levels at Quest6.”