Students at The Quest Academy in Selsdon, South Croydon, have performed exceptionally well in their A Levels and BTECs, despite being the first cohort in three years to sit public exams. In addition to overall successes, several students obtained impressive sets of results.

The academy’s top achiever, Rachel Ayanwale achieved a tremendous A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Politics and is looking to study medicine after a Gap Year. “After my year out, I’m hopefully going to go UCL to do medicine. After that, I want to go into research to develop drugs and vaccines and so on. I came here in Year 10. I didn’t know then that I wanted to do medicine but I love science so it felt right to aim for doing the research side of medicine. It’s been an amazing experience here. I’ve met some great people and I think it’s a very encouraging learning environment. My advice to younger students is to try your best and do what you enjoy.”

Rachel’s success was closely followed by Emma Roseweir who achieved three As in Biology, Chemistry and PE. Emma is now going to Roehampton University to study Psychology and Education Practice with a view to a career working with children and young people. “I’ve been here since Year 7 and the last 7 years have gone very quickly! Throughout my time here, the teachers have been very supportive. I didn’t think when I started in Year 7 that I’d be standing here with three As! I put my success down to continuous effort and hard work, and help from all of the teachers. They’ve always been there and have always willing to help.”

Sadiqah Islam, Vithushia Kanesamoorthy and Nabiha Akhtar, all got AAB. Sadiqah who studied History, Sociology and Politics says, “I feel great! I didn’t sleep last night though because I was so nervous! I moved here for 6th form because I wanted a change and I like to meet new people. Honestly, I really didn’t expect to go to university – I was going to do an apprenticeship – but I thought uni students would have more opportunities, so I changed my mind last minute and am now going to the University of Law in Bloomsbury, Central London. I haven’t decided yet exactly what type of law I want to do, but maybe corporate. I do want to say thanks to all my teachers. They went above and beyond to help me and I appreciate everything they’ve done.”

Vithushia Kanesamoorthy studied Maths, Economics and Physics and is now off to Queen Mary University to study Theoretical Physics. Vithushia says, “Honestly, it’s been a really fun couple of years! That’s the best way I can describe it. I’ve enjoyed myself a lot and I’ve achieved a lot too. I definitely want to thank the teachers because they really made sure you felt a personal connection and were getting looked after. It wasn’t that they just came and did the lessons and went. They really made sure you understood everything.”

Nabiha Akhtar, who studied Biology, Psychology and Chemistry is going to take a gap year to get more medical work experience before applying to study Medicine. “All the teachers have been so supportive and always went out of their way to help us. I’d say to younger students that they mustn’t waste Year 12! Don’t waste your free periods! In Year 13, you literally have no time, so the earlier the better. Get stuck in from the beginning!”

Having had a tough time in Year 12, Sadiya Noor over-shot her highest expectations with ABB in Politics, RS and Sociology. She said, “I wasn’t expecting such good results! I did so much better than I thought so I’m going to take some time now to think about what I want to do. I’ve really loved it here. I love my teachers – they all supported me so much. I had a very tough time in Year 12 and missed a lot of days but when I came back, I got all the support I needed and I felt so comfortable. They’d help me after school and even though I felt like I might need to re-take the year (I pretty much failed everything!), they all helped me so much. I really don’t have the words. I’m just really, really grateful.”

Safa Nasseri also did better than she thought she would, achieving ABB in Politics, History and Religious Studies. She’s going to read Politics at Queen Mary University. “I started in Sixth Form having attended an open day before covid. I liked the space, the common room, and the teachers were very nice. But also my friend came here for school and she encouraged me. When I started, I never thought I’d do this well. It’s genuinely because of my teachers. I don’t think I put in the same amount of effort as they did! They basically just did everything! One of my teachers literally even fixed my sleep schedule. He did that for me so I could study better! I just feel so grateful. It’s definitely because of my teachers. I’m so grateful.”

Andy Crofts, Principal, said, “Congratulations to everyone receiving their results today. After two years of pandemic disruption, students have shown determination and resilience to achieve some fantastic results. We’re really proud of their achievements and wish them all the best at their future destinations. Well done the class of 2022!”

Sam Cox, Director of Sixth Form, said, “Today on Year 13 results day, it was wonderful to celebrate so many success stories amongst our students. The hard work, effort and resilience shown by these students to achieve such excellent results following a unique educational experience due to the pandemic, is testament to the strength of their character. I wish the students the best of luck as they begin their university degrees and apprenticeships.”