A Senior Tutor at The Quest Academy is responsible for ensuring that every student is able to enjoy successful transitions. Planned organised transitions enable learners to maintain momentum whilst taking on new challenges. We will work to ensure successful transitions from primary school to The Quest Academy and the The Quest to University, further education, life and work and from childhood to adolescence and adult life.

A student who is comfortable and confident in a new environment will be able to gain the most benefits from learning.

A range of team-building activities helps students get to know each other and make friends.

We recognise that when a student starts at The Quest Academy, there may be a degree of sadness about leaving behind old friends and familiar surroundings coupled with excitement about the new, fresh possibilities and potential for new friendships. We will ensure that new students adapt quickly and easily to the culture of The Quest so that they settle in and work on their learning.

We spend time with new students and their parents or carers to find out about interests, hopes and any challenging circumstances. We have a ‘buddy’ system, which helps new students be included whilst imparting a sense of responsibility on the ‘buddy’. In the Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education (PHSCE) area of the curriculum, students explore friendships and other areas relating to emotional health and well-being.