The Senior tutor at the academy is responsible for ensuring that every student is able to enjoy a successful transition into secondary education. They will:

  • Liase with primary schools
  • Conduct school visits to meet prospective students
  • Plan transition events/days
  • Keep parents informed of next steps in preparation for September

To continue to aid transition, from September the Year 7 curriculum has embedded opportunities for students to explore friendships, emotional wellbeing in response to change, and to develop and express interests. Students may also have access to mentoring through a purposefully planned buddy system.

Below you can find the key dates for the 2024-2025 cohort:

What is it? When? Who attends?
Induction Evening

This will include a presentation in the main hall of information about the induction process, what to expect and how the school house system is organised. This will also outline how induction day will work for the students, as well as Q&A opportunities.

Thursday 20th June 2024 Parents and students
Induction Day

Students will attend the academy for a day to experience mini-lessons, meet their tutors and teachers, meet their peers and get to know the school. There will also be opportunity for house competition and certificates.

Friday 5th July 2024 Students
Summer School

Summer school runs for 5 days and students get to take part in a variety of activities to get used to the school, make friends, and learn some things in preparation for September. Students also get one day out at Frylands wood for teambuilding which is always well-received.

Option 1: 12-16th Aug 2024
Option 2: 19th–23rd Aug 2024
First Day of School

Students will attend a day earlier than the rest of the school (apart from Y12) where they will attend assemblies, have tours of the school, have school photos taken, spend time with their new form tutor and take part in some lessons.

Tuesday 3rd September 2024 Students

*Please ensure parents and carers are checking emails regularly as our primary means of communication is via email.*

For queries related to Year 7 transition process please email: