Student Leadership

Student Leadership is an important part of school life. It provides our students with the opportunity to take on leadership roles, vote in elections, hone a range of skills including public speaking, representing the Academy at events, and interacting with both staff and fellow students, across age ranges. Our School Councils provide an opportunity for students to give feedback to teachers on various issues, including teaching and learning, which are useful for staff leaders, and the wider staff body in terms of the provision students receive.

The Student Leadership team is headed by two Student Presidents from Quest6 who chair the full Academy Council. This council consists of five representatives from each house who represent the views of their wider house. This council feeds back directly to members of the staff Senior Leadership Team.

In turn, the House Captains chair House Councils which consist of a Tutor Group representative. This council also feeds back to the house’s staff leadership team.

The Student Leadership Team


Student Presidents 2023-2024

Adenisa Arifi Hussein Mohamood


Deputy Presidents

Courtney Innes Aisha Ayeni Irene Morata Belmonte Kirtiben Patel


Hilary House

Hilary House Captains

Levania Raphael Connie Goswell


Hilary House Prefects

Oliver Jermiej Iannis Tsounis Danny Shields
Camilla Francisquini Ellie Lockhart Rayqwuan Robinson
Joshua Gibson Amber Shields


Shackleton House

Shackleton House Captains

Charlie Hawkins Juhitha Satheeskumar


Shackleton House Prefects

David Adu-Poku Alex Bristow Saied Sidiq
Opale Denguin Joella Ragel Abigail Burton


Livingstone House

Livingstone House Captains

Ayaan Adil Ami Bojko


Livingstone House Prefects

Ewan Livie Megan Want Ashay Patel
Adobea Yeboah Cayla Rae Batchelor Sudais Rasool
Kayla Merredew Isla Milbery


The Student Council Structure

The Student Council is a two-tier structure:

  • Each Tutor Group elects one representative to its respective House Council. House Councils are led by the House Captains.
  • Five House Council Representatives from each House are elected to form the Academy Council. The Academy Council is led by the Student Presidents.

Elections to the House Councils and Academy Council take place during the first half of the Autumn Term.

Student Council matters are discussed during Tutor Time.