The Quest Academy Enrichment Programme lies central to our students being able to experience and fulfil our motto – learning changes lives.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, all students participate in a range of dynamic and rewarding extra and super-curricular activities. Our focus is to provide opportunities to help students discover their interests, aptitudes and talents whilst developing the characteristics necessary to lead a successful and fulfilled adult life.

These activities take place in Period 7, 14.40-15.30, commencing from Monday 25th September and continuing to the end of the academic year.

Our Enrichment Programme is designed with the interests and needs of students first. The Student Council and the annual student survey play an important role in shaping the enrichment activities we offer each year. From basketball to chess, Korean to gardening, fashion design to software development – we are really proud and excited to unveil the Enrichment Programme for the Autumn Term.

In the following prospectus, you will see the diverse and exciting array of activities on offer to each year group on each day of the week. You will be able to discover not only what each session will entail, but also the skills it will help students to develop and the opportunities it may afford in adult life.

At the start of each term, students will get to select their preferences for the sessions they would like to pick. We then try, to the best of our ability, to ensure that students get to participate in at least 1 of their 3 preferences for each day, at least once during the course of the year.

A small number of activities have additional costs attached, which are detailed in each of the explanations. These activities can be paid for on ParentPay.


Enrichment Prospectus 2018-9 Summer