Care, Guidance and Support

Success in learning is achieved when students have the care, guidance and support to focus on learning matched to their needs.

Your child will have an Individual Learning Plan and learning targets, which will be reviewed regularly by their personal tutor who will organise additional support if needed. Students in each year group have their own Achievement Co-ordinator to track their progress and to remove any barriers to learning. The Pastoral Director works with families, students and other agencies to secure the well-being of students facing challenging circumstances.

Each student is a member of a House along with students from other year groups. House members work together to compete in sporting and other competitions, providing opportunities for students to take on new responsibilities, share experiences and offer practical support to each other.

Special Educational Needs

The Quest Academy works within the framework of Croydon Local Authority policies for young people with special educational needs to offer an inclusive education for students. We make sure that every child with special needs receives the right level of support and expertise to help them catch up and keep up with other students.

Gifted and Talented students

At The Quest Academy, every child will have the opportunity to succeed through the curriculum and enrichment programme. Students who exhibit abilities significantly ahead of their year group are identified early and provided with activities, challenges and opportunities that stretch them so that they can develop their gifts and talents even further. Where appropriate, Gifted and Talented students may learn in more advanced teaching groups. All students will have an Individual Learning Plan matched to their needs.