Success in learning is achieved when students have the care, guidance and support to focus on learning matched to their needs.

Students are organised into houses which are designed to encourage and nurture students throughout their time at Quest. Houses are named after the explorers David Livingstone, Barbara Hillary and Ernest Shackleton. Each of these houses has two Tutor Groups in each Year (ten in total) and is led by an Assistant Principal. These House Headteachers are each supported by a senior team comprising two “Achievement Coordinators” (one for students in Key Stage 4 and one for those in Key Stage 3) and a Team Leader in one of the core subjects. Together they are responsible for developing the house ethos and ensuring students develop the LEARN attributes required for success in achieving an exceptional education.

Houses are the base of a student’s life in school. All houses are equal in terms of the curriculum students follow, and there are no differing criteria between them. Students are set in core subjects across houses and Key Stage 4 options are also delivered across house. Students in Key Stage 3 do have some lessons in their Tutor Groups and groups for enrichment lessons are house-based.

The house provides students with a base for their development, a sense of community and pride, as well as opportunities for leadership and personal development. House members also work together to compete in sporting and other competitions, providing opportunities for students to take on new responsibilities, share experiences and offer practical support to each other.

The Pastoral Director works with families, students and other agencies to secure the well-being of students facing challenging circumstances.

Special Educational Needs

The Quest Academy works within the framework of Croydon Local Authority policies for young people with special educational needs to offer an inclusive education for students. We make sure that every child with special needs receives the right level of support and expertise to help them progress.