7 Year Journey

The Quest 7 Year Journey is a unique and diverse range of quality additional activities that students enjoy during their secondary career at The Quest so that they can develop the skills and experiences to lead successful and fulfilling adult lives.

Below you will find a copy of The Quest 7 Year Journey poster that is in every classroom across the Academy. From September 2019, it will be at the heart of the student planner, and in the coming weeks an interactive version will appear on the Academy’s website.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive flight path of all the fantastic work that goes on in the Academy every day, rather an overview of the highlights that we think makes the experiences we provide genuinely distinctive and transformative, a fulfilment of our motto in practice – learning changes lives.

More information on these events can be found on the Latest News section of the website.

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Summer School

Before joining the Academy in September, all new Year 7 students are invited to join the free two-day Summer School. Involving an interactive and diverse array of activities, from the creative arts to humanities, sports to technology, students will not only get a flavour of our Key Stage 3 curriculum, but also build the relationships with their fellow classmates and teachers that will underscore their successful 7 year journey.

Accelerated Reader Programme Begins

All students, from Years 7-13, take part in this bespoke and innovative reading programme that tracks and supports their literacy development. Twice a year, students complete a comprehensive reading-age review, and are prescribed a pathway of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, that will inspire, engage and stretch their literacy skills. At the heart of the programme is our commitment to developing a lifelong love of reading in all of our students.

PiXL Them and Us Scheme

Delivered in tutorial time, the PiXL Them and Us scheme encourages students to develop the social and emotional tools to navigate successfully the challenges, ambiguities and complexities of the modern world. The scheme uses real-world examples to explore the application and importance of resilience, kindness and wellbeing in practice.

Neasden Temple Visit

As part of our Year 7 Religious Studies curriculum, all students visit one of the largest and most historic Hindu temples in all of Britain.

Emergency Services Day

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop active and informed citizens, all Year 8 students take part in a series of interactive, informative and thought-provoking sessions delivered by members of the emergency services about the social challenges facing young people today in 21st century Britain.

First Give Programme

All students design, run and evaluate their own fundraising campaign for a local charity that works with young people. Delivered during our PSHCE curriculum, students develop their teamwork and project management skills during the course of this one-month project that traditionally raises hundreds of pounds for local causes.

GCSE Options Fayre

All students, parents and carers are invited to an evening to discover more about the range of GCSE option subjects, both academic and vocational, they can select to study in Key Stage 4. After talking with the teachers and current students of the courses, along with reviewing our GCSE options guide, students can make informed and confident decisions about the curriculum pathway that will best support their development, interests and success.

GCSE Options Evening 1-to-1 Meetings

All students and their families meet with a member of the Leadership Team to discuss their GCSE options choices and their progress thus far at the Academy. These meetings give students the personalised feedback in their academic and personal development that will help to underscore their ongoing success.

Imperial War Museum Visit

As part of our Year 8 History curriculum on the causes, course and consequences of the First World War, all students visit the Imperial War Museum to explore the award-winning galleries on the conflicts that have defined and shaped the 20th century.

Year 8 Residential Trip

At a new location each year, all Year 8 students are invited to take part in the 3-day-2-night visit to an activities centre in the south of England. Whether on high-ropes courses and climbing walls, raft building to archery, students develop their leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills. The trip is launched in Year 7 to make the visit as affordable and manageable as possible.

CCF Enrolment

Our successful Combined Cadet Force gives students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and physical aptitudes through a carousel of activities, from drill to weapons handling, archery to abseiling, to name only a few. Delivered predominantly through our Enrichment programme and in after school sessions, students also get the exciting opportunity to take part in weekend and holiday camps with students from other local CCF contingents.

NCOP Programme

As part of our comprehensive and integrated careers guidance, the NCOP Programme provides students from Year 9 onwards with an array of opportunities to discover the benefits and challenges of university study. Whether one-day visits, Q+A sessions with current undergraduate students, or residential trips, the scheme is one of the reasons why the Academy repeatedly sees significantly above national average levels of students receiving places to top Russell Group universities: the impartial guidance we provide is bespoke, transformative and meaningful.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award

All students are given the opportunity to take part in this prestigious national award, which is comprised of 4 components: for a period of 3 months, volunteering in the local community, developing a new skill and partaking in physical activity; and completing a 2-day and 1-night expedition across 10-15 miles.

Sports Leadership Programme

Students apply to serve as community leaders, planning and running a series of sporting activities for local primary schools.

Jack Petchey’s Speak Out Competition

All Year 10 students get to take part in this local competition, where they plan, prepare and deliver a speech on a topical issue facing young people.

Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Continuing from successfully completing the Bronze Award, students can then progress onto this more challenging qualification, with 6 months of volunteering, developing a skill, partaking in a physical activity, and completing a 3-day and 2-night expedition across 30 miles.

“Be the Best You can Be” Day

Students take part in a carousel of interactive sessions on wellbeing, helping them to develop and hone the revision, stress management and wellness skills to face the challenges of the all-important final GCSE examinations.

Holiday GCSE Masterclasses Begin

Before and after school, as well as during the holidays, a range of subjects offer additional masterclass sessions to correct misunderstandings, improve examination technique and, most importantly, equip students with the confidence to fulfil their potential in their GCSEs.

Cambridge University Visit

At the start of Year 12, all students visit one of the world’s top universities, exploring a range of faculties and colleges, and meeting with current students for advice on how to best perform at Key Stage 5 and how to make informed and successful applications to post-18 courses.

Paired Reading Programme

Now in its 3rd year, students are paired with local primary school students, meeting with them once a week for a reading session, improving their mentee’s literacy and oracy skills whilst sharpening the leadership and mentoring skills of our sixth formers.

Work Experience Week

All students get the exciting opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to a real-world, workplace context. Placements are bespoke, high-quality and meaningful, in a field that complements students’ Key Stage 5 curriculum pathway, simultaneously bringing their learning from the classroom to life, and helping them to make informed decisions about their post-18 choices.

UCAS/Apprenticeship Workshops

Throughout the summer term of Year 12 and into the autumn of Year 13, students take part in a range of external visits to university campuses, internal group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions to assist in their post-18 applications to the degree, apprenticeship or work-place training course of their choice.