The Science curriculum at Quest is designed to ensure students develop a love for the subject. This is achieved by adopting a practical- oriented approach which encourages students to be inquisitive; exploring and developing their own ideas. This approach is applied to areas of scientific knowledge which build in complexity from fundamental principles. All students leave school with a sound knowledge of Science and its underlying principles, while many are ideally equipped for further study at degree level.

We want our students to love Science and develop a passion for the subject. Our curriculum is designed to ensure this happens and that students understand how the skills and knowledge they develop can assist them in later life, no matter their chosen career path. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive about the world around them and to explore this by understanding and applying the scientific process. Through doing this, students become independent learners with skills and knowledge they can apply to a range of contexts.

Our curriculum gives students an understanding of the key big ideas in Science. These are explored through a wide range of practical investigations, computer based research and group work. This helps students develop an understanding of the Scientific Process, and how they can “Work Scientifically”. The group-based nature of many of these activities provides students the opportunity to develop both their communication and leadership skills. This also helps them to develop their oracy, reading and confidence, in addition to developing analytical and evaluative skills.

This investigative work work is always framed by the knowledge content of the curriculum (see the Journey maps). All three disciplines are taught across all Year Groups (up to Y11), with topics revisited and developed through each Key Stage. Students develop a solid understanding of fundamental scientific concepts, based on identifying prior knowledge and every-day experience (addressing misconceptions where appropriate). From here, students develop their knowledge in terms of depth and complexity.

Our curriculum not only equips students with scientific knowledge, but allows them to analyse and evaluate how science impacts our lives today and in the future. It gives them the opportunity to argue and justify their points using the knowledge and expertise they have gained.

All students follow the same curriculum at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4, all students study AQA Science. Most follow the “Trilogy” course, which awards 2 GCSEs, while some study Separate Sciences and achieve 3 GCSEs. At Key Stage 5 we offer Applied Science (OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3; 2 A-Level equivalent), Chemistry (OCR), Biology (AQA) and Physics (AQA).

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