The Academy provides every student with a comprehensive programme of Personal Social Health Citizenship Education (PSHCE). All students are given a lesson once a week, to ensure that the curriculum is covered in detail.


Students receive a well-rounded curriculum throughout Key Stage three PSHCE, which is complemented by a tutor time PSHCE programme that is delivered across key stages.

In year 7 students will study what makes a community, the effects of bullying and how to combat bullying, identity and diversity, drugs education, healthy lifestyle and crime, punishment and the law.

In year 8 students will study emotional intelligence, active citizenship and campaigning; including a campaigning project called First Give where students can win up to £1000 for a local charity, an introduction to government and politics and sex and relationships education.


Students choosing to study Citizenship GCSE will commence the autumn term by developing the key skills and techniques to succeed at GCSE. Students will study four broad and detailed themes across the three year GCSE course that cover a range of topical and relevant issues. Theme 1: Life in Modern Britain. Theme 2: Rights and Responsibilities. Theme 3: Politics and Participation. Theme 4: Taking Citizenship Action. The approach to learning is both theoretical and practical as students at the beginning of Year 11 engage in a coursework project campaigning for a local issue to bring about change for an issue within their community that they care about. This coursework project will then be assessed in a formal GCSE examination alongside the theoretical knowledge of the four themes studied throughout the course.