Food Technology

Year 7

Year 7 begins with an introduction to health and safety in the kitchen area, followed by a series of modules which place a strong emphasis on developing a variety of practical skills in line with the National Curriculum.  All the work the students undertake is based around the national guidelines for healthy eating and focused on working hygienically and safely within the kitchen.

Year 8

Students will be developing skills learnt from year 7. Students will continue to develop an understanding and application of hygiene and safety when working with food in the kitchen area. The focus in lessons will be upon the further development of: cooking skills; recipe adaptation and modification; safe use of the oven; diet and health; nutrition; the functions of ingredients.

Year 9

Students commence their study of the GCSE in Food Technology course.  This is a practical subject area which requires the application of knowledge and understanding when undertaking market research, developing ideas, producing products, designing labelling and packaging, food modification, recipe adaption and evaluation. The course covers:

  • Industrial manufacture- batch production
  • Freezing/storage techniques
  • Sensory analysis and evaluation
  • Food Process
  • Food product design, development and market influences
  • Food materials and components
  • Pupils using recipe books to create ideas (food around the world)
  • Understanding the importance of systems and controls when making food.

Years 10 and 11

The AQA GCSE Food Technology course has an emphasis on healthy eating and balanced diet as well as developing good practical skills. Year 10 is spent developing culinary skills and learning about food, food evaluation, nutrition, health and safety. Students are expected to cook every other week. Towards the end of year 10 students begin their GCSE controlled assessment/coursework worth 60% of the total exam grade. All practical work is evidenced as part of the coursework folder and is assessed by AQA. Target grades are shared with students to enable them to develop their skills and aim high!

Students will be expected to:

  • Carry out a range of practical work
  • Use market research to enhance their ideas
  • Be creative during cooking
  • Follow a given recipe which meets a particular brief or develops a certain practical skill
  • Undertake individual research and determine a choice of a suitable recipe for a given brief or topic
  • Create a unique and original idea to meet a need