Our Food curriculum at The Quest Academy will develop creativity in or students and instil a love of learning for the subject from their very first encounter with the subject, Cooking and Nutrition at key stage 3. The Food curriculum aims to provide students with invaluable skills and knowledge to cook nutritious and healthy dishes for themselves and others. Our curriculum will also enable students to make informed choices when shopping for food while ensuring that they are getting good value for money.

Through our Food Curriculum, students will develop knowledge and understanding of the functional and chemical properties of ingredients as well as nutritional content of recipes. Students will also develop an understanding of diet, nutrition and health and the effects of poor eating habits on one’s health. In addition, students will develop an awareness of food from different cultures and show appreciation for multi-cultural foods. The knowledge gained will inspire students to develop new and exciting recipes or improve existing ones. Through the application of knowledge students will demonstrate safe and effective ways of planning, storing, preparing, cooking and serving a wide variety of food commodities using different methods of cooking and a range of equipment.

Our Food curriculum has been purposely designed on a carefully and sequentially planned trajectory, to ensure steady progression from year 7 through to year 13. The curriculum starts off with simple then progresses to more advanced processes, techniques or concepts while building on prior knowledge and skills. Links are also made to industries, further studies and wider career opportunities so that students are equipped with the knowledge required to make informed choices about their future. The Food curriculum is not only planned for students to achieve top grades in examinations but also to equip them to become well rounded, life- long learners with effectual transferable skills. These learners will have the ability to supersede all expectations.