Drama at the Quest Academy is vibrant and fun. It is offered at each Key Stage and enjoyed by many students. There are opportunities to make links with the community and to be a part of school productions as well as attend theatre productions. We have a drama studio equipped with lights, stage curtain and a large hall for bigger productions.

Key Stage 3

Each student has one 50 minute lesson of drama a week. In year 7 and 8, foundations are laid for all students to have an opportunity to explore themes, issues and ideas through a wide range of explorative strategies and drama mediums. Students are encouraged to find answers to problems by looking at all viewpoints and solving them through drama.

In Year 7 we exploreDrama through practitioners Part 1 (Stanislavski, Berkoff, Brecht, Boal, Brook and Artaud)

In Year 8 we exploreDrama through practitioners Part 2 (Stanislavski, Berkoff, Brecht, Boal, Brook and Artaud)

Key Stage 4

Drama is offered as a GCSE option and is a popular subject. We follow the Edexcel course. Students are, by now, equipped with a range of drama techniques and acting styles ranging from Mask to Berkoff.

Year 9: Relationships, Fear, Time, comedy and script work

Year 10First ice, Component 3 Text, Forum Theatre, Script work & exploration of a play

Component 1 of the Edexcel GCSE (40%) – Devising: Creating a piece from stimulus to realising it in performance and providing coursework relating to this process.

Year 11: Voice

Component 2 of the Edexcel GCSE (20%) – Performance from text:Students will be design/perform in two key extracts from a performance text.

Component 3 of the Edexcel GCSE (40%): Theatre Makers in Practice:90 minute written examination on one complete performance text and a live theatre evaluation.

Key Stage 5

A-Level Drama and Theatre Studies is ready to begin and will be further exploration, albeit on a much deeper level, into the professional world of theatre in comparison to GCSE.