Despite Business being a relatively new subject, it is an incredibly important one that has deep connections with many other disciplines that are studied at school. Business is not just the study of how businesses operate but also how they interact with each other and other external factors. Studying Business will lead to a deeper understanding of how the world operates, encourages students to think critically and develop an enquiring commercial mindset.

Students do not acquire any formal business education up until KS4, therefore there are numerous topics and concepts that are completely unfamiliar to them. As such, significant portions of the class time are devoted to introducing and developing understanding these concepts. We also make extensive use of real-world business case studies as a method of solidifying and contextualising this knowledge. Additionally, students often struggle with the financial aspects of the course as a result, a significant portion of class time is devoted to practicing these skills with the flexibility to spend additional time on this, if learners require it. Finally, homework tasks mostly focus on solidifying and contextualising knowledge whilst practicing exam technique.

Throughout the course there will be many opportunities for students to reflect on and assess their own work as well as their peers work. We conduct formative assessments throughout, the information gathered from these assessments will be used to inform my focus of later revision lessons and homework tasks. Furthermore, when patterns of confusion and misunderstanding arise, we reflect on this information and use it to improve my content delivery in subsequent years.