Teaching and Learning

We have recently been awarded the Silver Quality mark and are proud to announce that we are working towards upgrading this to the Gold award. The assessment for this is a very intense two full days of interviews of a full range of staff, students and Governors and a close scrutiny of all our policies and paperwork. To achieve this award we must provide high quality personal training and development opportunities for all members of our staff.

It was noted in the report that: “CPLD provision is an impressive aspect of the school’s improvement. “ Challenge partners September 2014.


This is a camera that is designed and built as part of a mobile video system enabling teachers to securely capture practice wherever they may be.

“IRIS has helped rapidly push satisfactory teaching up to good and good teaching to outstanding”

All teachers are taking part in lesson observations by IRIS to enable us to ensure that we are constantly improving teaching. This system allows individual teachers to reflect on their own practice and allows others to coach them. Due to the success of this development tool the Academy has invested in two more camera systems.

Learning Trios

All teachers are part of a learning trio. This programme runs throughout the academic year and facilitates the training of teaching and learning coaches. We have recently become part of a funded project called Ascend and have adopted the model of lesson study to enhance our trio programme. Lesson study is an approach to improving teaching and learning in collaboration and observing each other in the classroom.

Twilight Training

There is a full programme of twilight sessions including such topics as lesson design, Assessment for Learning, Gifted and Talented, questioning….. Each member of the teaching staff must attend 3 sessions. The sessions are led by all members of the senior and middle leadership teams. These sessions are popular and many teachers attend more than three sessions. Quite often TAs attend voluntarily.

External Training

A number of teachers are currently engaged in leadership programmes such as NPQH and bespoke courses that are arranged for us and partner schools in the Croydon hub.

Newly Qualified Staff

All newly qualified staff follow a Professional Studies Programme that is mapped to the new Teacher Standards.