GCSE Geography Field Trip

10th October 2017

On Monday 2nd October 2017, our Year 11 GCSE Geography class took a trip to Calshot Spit and Lepe beach on the Southampton coastline!

The aim of this field trip was to collect data for their Geography write-up, which they will be completing back at school.

The day included taking a 2 and a half hour coach trip to the coastline’s activity centre where they were first briefed on the activities for the day. The students also got a chance to apply what they have been learning in the classroom about the coastal zone. The first half of the day involved collecting data such as rating the coastal management strategies used at Lepe beach, producing detailed field sketches, as well as asking members of the public questions about the area, whether they were locals or visitors.

In the afternoon, the Year 11s were able to take a trip to Calshot Spit; an extended piece of coastline that curves out into the ocean due to the process of Longshore Drift (find a Geography GCSE student and they could tell you all about it!) Here, the students used apparatus such as ranging poles and clinometers to carry out tasks, such as measuring the angle of the beach.

The students had an enjoyable day at the coast together, doing something different and away from home really brought their classroom learning to life.

Ms J Jones

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