Years 7 and 8

The science team aims to inspire and develop a high level of curiosity and excitement within students to get to know and appreciate the world around them.  Science at KS3 is taught to year 7 and year 8 students. It is an accelerated course which is condensed into two years. Students are taught topics in chemistry, biology and physics where practical skill development, use of apparatus, graph drawing and data interpretation are incorporated. Each theme has an end of topic test, and assessed task which can be peer and/or teacher assessed and then given a level based on National Curriculum mark descriptors.

Years 9, 10 and 11

Students following the GCSE curriculum cover Edexcel’s core science topics in Y9, including ‘classification, variation and inheritance’, ‘obtaining and using metals’ and ‘waves and the universe’. Students also complete a controlled assessment during the year which allows them to develop their investigatory skills. Students sit three separate exams in physics, biology and chemistry.  There is the option of the Y9 BTEC course ‘Principles of Applied Science’.  BTEC’s are vocationally related qualifications, where learners develop knowledge and understanding by applying their learning and skills in a work-related context.

In Y10, GCSE students move onto Edexcel’s additional science topics, which include ‘the building blocks of life’, ‘groups in the periodic table’ and ‘nuclear fission and fusion’. Once again, students complete a controlled assessment and sit the second exams in biology, chemistry and physics.  There is also a BTEC option where students study units in chemistry, physics and biology.

In Y11, GCSE students study the Edexcel ‘Further Additional Science’ topics including ‘using biology’, chemistry in action’ and ‘applications of physics’.  There is a third controlled assessment and the third set of exams in biology, chemistry and physics.  Again there is a BTEC option where students are given a choice of units to study and need to study 3 units from a possible 20.

Years 12 and 13

In Y12 and 13 we offer AS and full A levels in biology, chemistry and physics.  Biology is a dynamic subject with a variety of topics which demonstrate its relevance to everyday life. One key aim of our AS biology curriculum is to develop in students the interest, enthusiasm and appreciation for the subject in all areas of society, as well as enhancing their practical and investigative skills. Students are assessed in lifestyle transport, genes and health, development, plants and the environment, practical biology and research skills, the natural environment and species survival, energy, exercise and co-ordination, practical biology and investigative skills.

The Salters advanced chemistry course is written by a team of teachers and experts from schools, colleges, universities and industry. The resources have been revised to address the latest OCR GCE Chemistry B (Salters) specifications.  Students are assessed in chemistry for life, chemistry of natural resources, chemistry in practice, chemistry of materials, chemistry by design and a chemistry individual investigation.

In physics, we follow the Edexcel A level course. There are three assessed units of study per year. These are physics on the go, physics at work, exploring physics, physics on the move, physics from creation to collapse and experimental physics