Year 7

Students are introduced to new skills and concepts in What is History? Students then move on to Medieval Realms where students explore life in the Middle Ages in England, China and the Arab world. The summer term finishes with the reign of the Tudors and Stuarts.

Year 8

This year students focus on changes society in England and different countries around the world between 1603 and 1901. The autumn term focuses on ruling and power; this features the English and American Civil Wars and the French Revolution. In the spring term, students look at changes in health, religion, and immigration. This term will cover witchcraft, education in the Qing Dynasty and the Industrial Revolution.

Year 9

Students studying GCSE will commence the autumn term with ‘Get Ready for History GCSE’ to help students make the transition between key stage 3 and key stage 4. Students begin their GCSE with unit 1 of Edexcel Specification History A – Peace and War: International Relations 1900-1939. This unit covers the causes of the First and Second World Wars.

Years 10 and 11

In Year 10 students will then complete unit 2 option 2B: Russia 1917-39.  In the second half of the year they will begin their Controlled Assessment which is based on their analysis and evaluation sources about the Vietnam War. In year 11 students will do unit 3 option 3b War and the transformation of British society c1931-51.

Years 12 and 13

In Year 12 students will study Henry VIII, Mussolini and Fascist Italy and Republicanism and Francoism. In Year 13, for their Controlled Assessment, students will study The USA: From Reconstruction to Civil Rights, c1877-1981.  They will also study Germany from the Second Reich and the abdication of the Kaiser to the rise of Hitler and life in Nazi Germany.